4 Ways Strata Cleaning Can Increase the Value of Your Property

May 19, 2021 | Strata Cleaning

Thorough cleaning is important for every space from homes to offices to warehouses and everything in between. But did you know that it can also contribute to the value of a property?

Strata cleaning can sometimes be overlooked in a subdivided property, but it is almost as important as the individual units. Good strata maintenance can protect a building’s equity and even help its value grow. Let’s take a look at four reasons to hire strata cleaning services now.


What Is Strata or Owners Corporation Cleaning?

Let’s first make sure that we understand strata. In Australia, strata or strata title is a way of subdividing a single property in units that can be owned or rented by different parties. Some examples include an office building or an apartment complex.

Strata cleaning refers to cleaning services hired to take care of the common areas, which most tenants use but no single tenant owns.


1. Make a Good First Impression

Potential tenants or unit buyers are evaluating the property from the moment they arrive. They look for answers to questions about quality in everything from the landscaping to the maintenance of the parking lot, and that’s before they even walk in the door.

That’s one of the ways that strata cleaning can increase the value of the property. When common spaces help make a great first impression, people are more likely to invest in the property. It sends a message that ownership and management cares about the details and the upkeep of the entire space.

Most maintenance staff have enough on their plates. Professional strata cleaning in Melbourne not only takes a lot off of their daily to-do lists, but it helps them focus on the more important parts of their job. Let professionals like Clean As You Go clean for you.


2. Keep Current Tenants Happy

Those potential buyers and tenants who you impressed with your cleanliness? They expect you to keep it that way, especially if you want them to stay.

Residents of all kinds have a lot of options for housing, office space, or whatever use your property has. Even if they have purchased their units, they don’t have to stay; too many sales reduce the overall value of the property, driving prices and its value down.

What is more, strata cleaning is also important to protecting the health of the people who use your space, especially if it includes a swimming pool, eating and drinking space, or anywhere that people gather together in close quarters or high-touch points, such as the buttons in a lift.


3. Maintain the Appeal and Integrity of the Space

As properties age, they face the prospect of losing value, especially as some of the features deteriorate. Regular deep cleaning can slow or even prevent this from happening. Over time, dirt and debris build up on floors and other surfaces (even ceilings), bolts and screws loosen, small items break, fluids need to be replenished, and junk accumulates in closets and other storage spaces.

Strata cleaning services can address all of these issues, especially in high-traffic areas.  These include foyers and lifts, carparks and outdoor areas.

In addition, strata cleaning services may recognise the potential for bigger problems down the line, allowing you to remedy them before they become incredibly costly. Cleaning nooks and crannies or touching up paint might help them see signs of structural damage or pest infestation before anyone else.  Clean As You Go as part of our caretaking service, since are on site regularly, conduct building checks and reports to Owners Corporation Managers and Committees, ensuring all are informed of any potential defects or rectification work that is required.


4. Thorough Cleaning From Basement to Roof and Beyond

We already acknowledged that maintenance staff for buildings of all sorts (residential and commercial properties) have their hands full, which is a good reason to hire professional strata cleaners. Another reason to do so is because they can take care of some less common and more odious tasks.

Strata cleaning services can tend to gutters, inaccessible glass and façade (this involves roping from the roof), clean swimming pool bottoms, re-caulk and re-seal doorways and windows, and so many more routine tasks that pull your staff away from taking care of the day-to-day issues. Just as with maintaining the appeal and integrity of the building, making sure that this gets completed is another way to protect the value of the property as a whole.


Strata Cleaning Might Be Required

Some zoning laws and other regulations regarding property management actually require that spaces such as the ones we have discussed be cleaned regularly.

Even if they are not, the costs of hiring strata cleaning in Melbourne are greatly outweighed by the benefits, including maintaining the property, keeping tenants happy, and attracting new renters or buyers. Most importantly, all of this helps raise the overall value of the property.

With over 25 years of combined experience, Clean As You Go offers specialist cleaning services, building and maintenance services and all aspects of facility management for Owners Corporations, apartment complexes, businesses and other commercial properties. Get in touch with our friendly team to ensure your premises stay clean and retain your professional image.