5 Reasons Why Keeping Business Car Parks Clean Is Important

Jan 14, 2021 | Car Park Cleaning

First impressions count, so when potential customers arrive at your premises, the state of your car park is going to set the tone for what they expect of your business. Litter and dirt are associated with poor management and disorganisation which is not the professional business approach you are aiming to maintain. Not only that but there are a number of other reasons to keep your parking lot clean.

1. Safety measures

You do have an obligation to ensure safe access onto your premises. Without regular car park cleaning, rubbish and debris will build up and hide cracks and potholes that cause trips and falls. Vehicles can also be damaged if the safety of the parking lot is compromised and for the sake of regular cleaning and sanitisation, you could be saving yourself time, money and effort.


2. Cleanliness inside and out

If you do not have car park cleaning as part of your regular cleaning and maintenance routine, dirt and debris can be brought into the building. You may spend money on cleaning the building but as dust is walked onto the premises, or oil from cars and other dirt particles, it will cost you more to keep carpets and floors clean. Oil tracked into offices will mark flooring and be a safety hazard in terms of slips. Stones and dirt from the asphalt outside can mark and scratch polished floors which are not cheap to replace and difficult to repair. These can also be hazardous to health as dust can trigger asthma and allergies, so it pays to keep the parking lot clean. Otherwise, staff may go off sick and this adds another expense to the bill.


3. Discourages littering and loitering

Clean and tidy premises do stop people from throwing down their litter and making the place look worse. Having a well-maintained area gives out the message that this is an organised and cared for workplace, it discourages some elements of society from using the space to hang out in the evenings. If the place looks cared for, then security will be a priority, whereas unkempt spaces give the impression no one really checks up. Graffiti and litter are not the first thing anyone wants to see when arriving for a business meeting.


4. Discourages pests and promotes good public health

Food droppings and takeaway containers that are not removed with regular car park cleaning are a magnet for pests such as birds and rodents. Rats and mice can breed undetected in a dirty car park and use the plastic and cardboard for nests with a plentiful food source left by humans. Pest birds also enjoy the pickings to be found on an untidy parking lot and this tempts them to roost on and around the building.

There are several diseases that are spread by pests which are harmful to humans so keeping the car park clean and sanitised is a no brainer. Rats can pass on Weils Disease in their urine and the faeces of bird droppings are also harmful. Having birds nesting on the premises means droppings on windows and doors and the nesting material can block up guttering. This can lead to leaks down the side of buildings and be a costly expense as water gets into the roof area and on electrical equipment. Rats and mice can chew holes in the fabric of buildings, as well as soft furnishings, and potential customers do not want to be faced with the sight and smell of pest faeces when coming onto your premises.


5. Cuts down on repair bills

Cleaning your parking lot on a regular basis also promotes good maintenance and allows you to spot potential problems before they get too big to be fixed. This is particularly the case if you have an asphalt drive and parking area. When vehicles arrive on site, particles of debris and gravel land on the paved area around your building. Hard debris such as grit then becomes ground into the surfaces leading to the entrance of your office premises. Over time, the pavement area as well as the parking lot can start to deteriorate forming dips or holes to appear.

Without regular cleaning this surface damage will go unnoticed. Holes fill with water and cause puddling and surface water then penetrates the layer underneath compromising the integrity of the car park. If you do not pick up on this in time, the situation will get worse so that resurfacing needs to be carried out. However, your car park cleaning team will spot any areas that need to be brought to your attention, helping you to stay on top of the situation.


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