Move-in and Move-out Procedures

To empower the Property Developer and Owners Corporations to manage the
settlement process with ease

At Clean As You Go, we are well aware that the process of a resident moving in and moving out can be a hassle.  Not to mention the vast number of issues that could occur with the possibility of damage to your property during this process. These issues would be especially apparent in cases where a new apartment building settles. The rush of excited residents to your property may very well cause an influx of foot traffic and chaos. From the challenges of finding a suitable parking space, to the time-consuming process of waiting for a lift, we understand how these little instances could turn your residents’ glowing experience into one that is unpleasant.

This is where Clean As You Go has created a niche for ourselves by offering our unique services to help smoothen out the moving procedure of your residents. Our team of highly skilled professionals are able to effortlessly ease them into their new home or out of a previous one without a hitch.


Those Who Would Benefit From Our Services

Owners Corporation Managers

Who would be able to increase the number of future OC members with the positive impressions left along with ensuring the satisfaction of clients.

Property Developers

Who would be able to develop a favourable impression with visiting investors and increase chances of future investments.

New residents

Who will experience a pleasant moving process.

Our Moving Services

Move-in Bookings

A move-in Supervisor will be responsible to overlook onsite proceedings during the first month—or as long as needed.

Resident Welcome

Often disregarded as trivial, Property Developers and new Owners Corporations are unaware of the importance of a pleasant first experience. Therefore, we would personally meet and greet each resident into their new apartment.

Lift Management

Lift dominating or hogging is a common occurrence during a moving process, causing frustration among residents who are unable to access the lift. We would guide the movers and residents in effectively utilising the ‘lift lock key’ feature, which includes making sure it remains unlocked after usage

Car Park for Trucks

We would organise and block off the closest car space to afford a less time-consuming route.

Excess Rubbish Removal

We will work with Owners Corporations to remove traces of hard rubbish left behind (for eg. boxes, tapes, strings, and wrappers, etc).

Issue Resolutions

Considering any damage to the property, we would act as liaison between the residents and Owners Corporations through the length of the proceedings.


Why Choose Clean As You Go?

Improve the overall satisfaction of your residents and showcase your high standards with the help of our professional and experienced services.

  • Over 25 years of combined experience
  • Satisfaction guarantee – 50% OFF your first month’s invoice if you are not satisfied
  • Dedicated account manager to ensure consistent quality of work
  • 24/7 communication with directors and/or site supervisors
  • Fixed quote – no hidden extras!
  • Fully licensed, trained and certified staff
  • Compliant with Public Liability and Work Cover Insurance & OH&S documentation

As a reputable commercial cleaning company, we also offer strata cleaning services for Owners Corporations, apartment complexes, businesses, and other commercial properties. Find out what our customers have to say about our work here.

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