Top 3 Areas That Require Professional Strata Cleaning Services

May 19, 2021 | Strata Cleaning

In subdivided buildings, strata or Owners Corporation cleaning services can care for and maintain the common-use spaces, such as swimming pools and exercise rooms in apartment buildings and lobbies and elevators in office spaces.

Let’s take a look at three areas of your building that absolutely need strata cleaning services the most.


What Is Strata and Owners Corporation Cleaning?

First, let’s get an understanding of what strata is in the first place. Strata are the areas in subdivided buildings with multiple tenants that are commonly occupied. An example of this kind of building would include an apartment building or office building (whether or not the tenants own or lease their units). Each tenant is responsible for the maintenance, cleaning, and upkeep of their individual unit.

The common areas are spaces of the property or building that none of the tenants by themselves own but is managed by the Owners Corporation. Often, these are perks of becoming a co-owner in the property, something that creates appeal and draws the buyer or renter to the property. In other instances, it is critically important space, such as roofs and utility rooms.

For a family looking for an apartment, it’s convenient to have amenities such as a pool, play space for children, a BBQ area, or garden for time outdoors. For a law firm, they may be looking for an office in a building with a beautiful lobby to impress clients immediately upon arrival, and a well-kept and organised car lot for their staff.

Whatever strata you have to take care of, strata cleaning services can help. Their work goes a long way in maintaining the overall quality of the building and protecting the property as a whole.


1. Hallways and Lobbies

It’s critically important to keep hallways and lobbies looking their best for a number of reasons. For one thing, these are spaces that the majority of your tenants pass through every day. Keeping them clean and well maintained sends a message to tenants that you care about their choice of and investment in the building as a whole.

For another thing, the quality of these kinds of spaces makes an impression on potential future buyers or lessees about the value of the building and investing in it.

Finally, regular maintenance on these high-traffic areas helps keep everyone safe by removing dirt and other contaminants and fixing minor breaks that could result in injury. It also saves money by prolonging the life of carpets or flooring and other high-traffic items.


2. Lifts and Stairwells

Once again, these are spaces that many, if not most, tenants are in every day, especially the lift. The elevator contains many high-touch surfaces where germs can easily spread. Even once the threat of COVID-19 passes, we can expect everyone to be much more cautious about that.

Stairwells and staircases aren’t fun to clean, since the job of cleaning every single step is tedious. That’s a good reason to hire professional strata cleaning services. Stairwells are also common places in buildings for accidents, so it is critical that they are well maintained and any issues get fixed right away.


3. Outdoor Space and Landscaping

Outdoor spaces include not only gardens and recreational areas, but driveways and parking lots as well. As we discussed above, your outdoor space might be a major perk for your tenants, so it is important to maintain it to continue delivering a quality experience.

Driveways and parking lots are also prime places for accidents to happen, which is why it is important to address any issues, touch up paint, and maintain them well.

Finally, your landscaping is everyone’s first impression of the property. This includes not only tenants, but also their guests or clients and potential new owners and renters. How well (or poorly) this space is kept will go a long way in how they form their opinion.


Hire Professionals

As you can see, a lot goes into maintaining the strata in any subdivided property, but especially if it is one with many units or one with occupants who have a lot of other choices in where to live or work. Turning units over, whether sold or rented, is costly. What is more, you protect tenants’ investments and your own by properly caring for strata spaces. That is why hiring competent strata cleaning services is so critical.

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