Top Tips To Keep Your Building Lifts Clean

Apr 9, 2021 | Common Area Cleaning

Now more than ever, it’s vitally important to implement a thorough common area cleaning regimen. People who work, live and otherwise do business in your building need to feel secure that the common areas, including the elevators, are cleaned, sanitised, and disinfected regularly.

Not only does this make your entire building look and feel cleaner, but tenants and visitors will know that you care about their health and safety as well as yours. Be sure to make all building users aware of the enhanced cleaning protocols and request their assistance in keeping common areas as clean as possible.

The coronavirus is obviously top of mind for most people these days, and they will want to know that your cleaning regimen is thorough enough to eliminate all traces of the virus from shared, common areas. Recent studies show the coronavirus can live for hours or even days, so plan your deep cleans accordingly.

For everyone’s safety, we need to make sure that all surfaces in our buildings are disinfected and sanitised frequently. But we also need to be aware that repeated use of harsh chemicals can damage these surfaces. Not only does damage to the surface give germs and viruses an additional place to hide, but it can also damage sensitive electronic and mechanical components in elevators, lifts, and other facilities.

Types of Cleaners For Building Lifts

Apply nonabrasive cleansers to a soft microfibre towel, and use alcohol at the lowest concentration that will disinfect safely. Currently we use a high-quality product from AGAR called TANGO.  It is a hospital grade disinfectant with a powerful cleaning action.

Do not use sponges, as the moisture may damage electronics. In addition, viruses and bacteria may be able to live in the sponge and you’ll just be spreading them everywhere.

Most commercial lifts are made primarily from stainless steel, which is generally a durable material that is easy to maintain and not easy to damage. Still, the average lift has a lot of surface area and nooks and crannies that can harbour bacteria and other grime, so a proper cleaning is essential.

Areas of Building Lifts To Clean

Clean Sills and Tracks

The tracks between the sets of doors at every landing are grooved, which makes them an excellent repository for spills, debris, and other grime where bacteria and viruses can live. Vacuum up large particles, then use a nonabrasive cleaner on a soft towel or rag to clean the tracks themselves. Be sure to clean in between all the grooves.

Clean the Pit

This is something that should only be done by experienced lift professionals and only when the lift is not in operation. Trash can fall behind or between doors and accumulate in the pit, and this can interfere with the lift’s moving parts. It can also attract pests, which is a much bigger problem. Clear out the trash and vacuum to remove built-up dust and dirt.

Sterilise Doors and Walls

Use a nonabrasive cleaner on a soft cloth to remove visible dust and dirt from the stainless-steel surfaces. If desired, you can also use a polish designed for stainless steel to restore the finish. Be sure not to use cleaners with a strong fragrance, as these smells will only intensify when the elevator doors are closed.

Cleaning Floors and Mirrors

You’ll want to be sure that the floors are clean so that visitors do not track dirt and debris throughout the building. Brush and vacuum carpeted floors, or clean and polish tile floors. Use noncorrosive, nonabrasive cleaners.

Clean Light Fixtures and Panel Buttons

Lock the lift so that you don’t accidentally activate service by pressing buttons while cleaning. Use an antibacterial cleaner on the buttons because many hands touch these buttons every day. Do not spray the cleaner directly on the buttons, as it could seep behind the buttons and damage the electronics. Use a soft microfibre towel to clean around the buttons and the panel itself. Use another microfibre towel to dust and wipe down the light fixture.

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